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A few suggestions

A few remarks aimed at improving the standalone version of LanguageTool.

  1. Language detection is pretty good when the text is pasted after opening LanguageTool. But if I paste a French text after pasting an English text, automatic language detection does not happen, and LanguageTool tries to check the newly-pasted French text as an English text.

  2. If I select a word or sentence in the bottom half of the LanguageTool window, then press “Ctrl+C”, the whole text is sent to the Windows clipboard. It would help if only the current selection got copied.

  3. In both the English and French language, the so-called “internal dialogues” do not have capitalization after question or exclamation marks. LanguageTool (like so many spellcheckers) is systematically suggesting capitalization. Here are 2 examples in English, then French:
    a) What is that? she thought.
    b) “This is not internal dialogue!” he thought to himself out loud.
    c) « Pourquoi ai-je quitté la maison ? » disait-elle, pleurant et tournant entre ses doigts la boule de la grille de fer.
    d) « Kreemo ! » murmura Mrs Bletchey comme une somnambule.

  4. In French, LanguageTool is systematically suggesting to insert non-breaking spaces where they seem to be missing. But the LanguageTool document window is a “pure text” window. Non-breaking spaces cannot be used in “pure text” documents. Only ordinary breaking spaces are possible.

Thanks for your report. I’ve just fixed the first issue with the language detection, but I cannot make any promises about the other issues.