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Add "Restart" to Languagetool.jar

(Kumara) #1

Is it possible to add “Restart” to the File menu?
This would make my rule testing easier.

(Daniel Naber) #2

That’s not so easy. The better workflow is to prepare the rule with the online editor, then add it to the grammar.xml file locally and finally test them with (Linux) or testrules.bat (Windows).

(Kumara) #3

Thanks but that doesn’t satisfy my purpose:
To see how the rule behaves: the marking, the suggestions, the replacement, etc.

Or perhaps the JAR can be made to reload the grammar rules.

(Daniel Naber) #4

This is all part of the examples in grammar.xml and will be tested when you run

(Kumara) #5

I mean I want to see it in action to know how it works from the user’s PoV.

(Nicholas Walker) #6

You can create a keyboard combination to restart the jar file on a Windows machine. Simply create a shortcut to the jar on your desktop (right click >> send to desktop), and then open properties from the context menu (right click on the shortcut icon >> properties) to create a shortcut key combo, like ctrl + shift + L. It will speed things up for you.