Adding a detection for gender-sensible word-forms in German


if one uses gender-sensible word-forms in a German text like “Referentinnen", "Teilnehmerinnen” or “Mitarbeiter*innen”, LanguageTools marks them as errors. Could this be fixed?

example sentence:
Da die Referent*innen zum Teil aus dem Ausland kamen und kaum Deutsch konnten, fanden die jeweils einstündigen Seminare auf Englisch statt.

Best regards, Fabian

This specific false alarm could be fixed rather easily, I think. But cases like “Die Sklavinnen" are not so easy, as “Sklav” is not a word on its own. Simply removing the "” might have unexpected side-effects. In other words, this might become more complicated than it seems.

Well, one possible work-around could be to just ignore every word which ends with *innen, regarding spelling correction. The word should then be treated as a feminine plural substantive, regarding the grammatic check.

I’ve added an issue for this at support gender gap nouns · Issue #311 · languagetool-org/languagetool · GitHub