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Adding a detection for gender-sensible word-forms in German

(Fabian Everding) #1


if one uses gender-sensible word-forms in a German text like “Referentinnen", "Teilnehmerinnen” or “Mitarbeiter*innen”, LanguageTools marks them as errors. Could this be fixed?

example sentence:
Da die Referent*innen zum Teil aus dem Ausland kamen und kaum Deutsch konnten, fanden die jeweils einstündigen Seminare auf Englisch statt.

Best regards, Fabian

(Daniel Naber) #2

This specific false alarm could be fixed rather easily, I think. But cases like “Die Sklavinnen" are not so easy, as “Sklav” is not a word on its own. Simply removing the "” might have unexpected side-effects. In other words, this might become more complicated than it seems.

(Fabian Everding) #3

Well, one possible work-around could be to just ignore every word which ends with *innen, regarding spelling correction. The word should then be treated as a feminine plural substantive, regarding the grammatic check.

(Daniel Naber) #4

I’ve added an issue for this at