ANN: LanguageTool 6.1

Hi, LanguageTool 6.1 has been released and can now be downloaded here. It includes rule updates for Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

Please note: This release is just a ZIP file for stand-alone use and JARs at Maven Central, it does not include the .oxt for LibreOffice/OpenOffice this time, due to a bug in LO/OO integration. Depending on how fast the issue can be fixed, there will either be a delayed release or the next release for LO/OO will be LanguageTool 6.2 in 3 months.

Checksums (sha256):

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For clarity: does the release include updates for the rules only? I. e., would it be safe to integrate rule sets into existing installations of LT 6.0 as LO extensions?

No, there are usually at least also changes to the dictionary and to the part-of-speech tagging. Copying the rules over the old files will probably not work.

OK, got it. Thanks.

Hat sich an der Situation bezüglich LO etwas geändert oder kommt keine “Stabile” Version von LT 6.1 heraus?