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Announcement: LanguageTool 2.6

I’m pleased to announce the release of LanguageTool 2.6. As usual, it is
available for download at If you’re using
the LibreOffice/OpenOffice add-on you can also make the update directly
from the extension manager (right mouse button -> Update).

Changes include:

  • Many updates for the error detection rules for English, Breton,
    Catalan, Esperanto, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese,
    Russian, and Spanish.

  • Improved configuration dialog

  • Small rule syntax improvements

  • Java API: removed deprecated methods

Please see for a
complete list of changes.

MD5 sums:
ec9d296064d0d3131107e840638f58f4 LanguageTool-2.6.oxt


Thank for the notice,

I’ve tried the version 2.6, and I have noticed that the problem I reported in the following link is not corrected


Yes, that’s why I replied that I hope I can fix it after the 2.6 release :slight_smile:


Happy for every new and improved release :slight_smile: