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Announcement: LanguageTool 4.6

I’m pleased to announce the release of LanguageTool 4.6. As usual, it is available from Changes include:

  • Error detection updates for Catalan, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, Galician, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian

A more detailed list of changes is available in the change log.

In LibreOffice, you can use Tools → Extension Manager... and then right-click on LanguageTool to get the update if you have LT installed already.

SHA256 check sums:

  • 4da7a1a7657b36a3841341cf78f2b3b4f8681ef642c0df3875ab377c9a568605 LanguageTool-4.6.oxt
  • 5fd82f2cae2254c682e603a8969a2af292c72c576b2db52dd680f0ec06abce3d

I use LanguageTool - above all - for Esperanto. Would the Premium version also have benefits for me?

The premium version can check more characters (up to 40,000 at once), it comes with an add-on for MS Word, and it offers additional error detection rules for English, German, Dutch, French, and Polish. So if you need to check longer texts on the web or if you need the Word add-on, the Premium version might be useful for you.