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[br-Fr] breton news

We are working on a breton verb conjugator with the association “An Drouizig”, so I have a few questions for you:

  • Do you think that it could be done a link beetwen LanguageTool and the BCV (Breton Conjugator Verb)?
    We still have a lot of work before the V.1 could be edited but it is almost done. For now I can’t give you the URL but when it will be published I will send it here.
    For the moment we have more than 8.000 conjugable verbs in our database. 60% of these verbs have a french translation and 20% have an english translation.

  • Secondly in this project we will try to have an exhaustive list of breton verbs (as you can see), with a lot of informations on each verb (use area, the auxillarys used by eached verb, …), and for exemple the explanation of which preposition the verbs needs and how the preposition’s verbs change the meaning of the verbs.

The Breton LanguageTool project have a few rules about correction of preposition, just imagine if we could provide a huge amount of these rules if we work together.
I personnaly think that it could be very very benefit for both project that we will do an automatic link beetween the two projects.

What do you think of re-talking about creating scripts for an automatisation when we will start the BCV version with the preposition information?

Have a nice day
Regards/A galon