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Cannot activate spellchecking in other languages than English

(pschalkx) #1

Hi all,

I just installed Language Tool 2.6 (on LibreOffice 3 in Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit) and although the tool is installed, it will only chck English, not other languages. In particular, I need to also check in Dutch and Spanish.

I tried the different menu’s, and found no way to activate anything else than English

I checked in the Extension Manager and Language Tool is activated. On the “Tools” menu I have the option " Option Language". I previously installed Java, and the Java plug-ins work in Firefox.

Any ideas How I can activate spell checking in other languages than English?

Thanks in advance,


(Daniel Naber) #2

LanguageTool is for style and grammar checking, its spell checking doesn’t work in LibreOffice. For that, you’ll need to install the dictionary extensions from

If you actually mean style and grammar checking, you don’t need to set the language, LanguageTool will use the text language (i.e. the language set for the characters of the text).