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Check Evaluation Result

Hi, I am trying to make new rules in English and there comes out some messages in Check Evaluation Results like this…

There are problems with your rule: •Found wrong correction(s) in sentence ‘sorry for my bed english.’: ‘[bad]’ but expected ‘[]’
•Please make sure you selected the correct language for your rule - your selection was: English

'Cause I think there is no eror in my XML notation, it seems like an error occurred.


<rule id="ID" name="bd">    
 <message><match no="1"/> is <suggestion>bad</suggestion>.</message>
 <example type='incorrect'>sorry for my bed english.</example>
 <example type='correct'>sorry for my bad english.</example>


Thanks for your report, this should now be fixed. Please let us know if you encounter other issues.

Great!! Many thanks. LanguageTool is the valuable asset for language learning technique, also.