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Complains about Capitalization after sentence ending with footnote

(Holger123) #1

Hi, didn’t find this searching for ‘footnote’, so:

When the prior sentence ends with a footnote (after the dot), then LT unterlines (blue) the first new word of the next sentence starting correctly with a capital letter.


(Daniel Naber) #2

Thanks for your report. Are you using LanguageTool as a LibreOffice/OpenOffice plugin? If so, could you attach a document that shows the problem? I cannot reproduce this behavior.

(Holger123) #3

as a libre office plugin, Ubuntu 14.04

First line says: except on sentence beginnings, only nouns and names are written with first letter capitalized.

(Daniel Naber) #4

This should be fixed when you’re using LibreOffice 4.3 or later.

(Holger123) #5