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Customizing Rules


I was trying to use LT to make new rules for checking content. I have a style guide with some pre-defined usage guide and was trying to create new rules for them. But, I have been facing some issue in overwriting some rules and referencing the file to grammar.xml file. What can be done to achieve it? For eg. the rule that I want to create should work as follows:

When the user types “Short-cut menu” or “Shortcut menu” it should give an error message saying Did you mean: Context menu, along with a message saying “As per ComponentOne usage rule”

When the user types “click on” its should give an error message saying Did you mean: click
Message: “Click is sufficient to convey mouse click. As per Microsoft Manual of Style.”

I have some other rules also to implement the same way. These are just some examples. Please help.


You can use the rule editor ( like this, it will create the XML rules:

rule-editor-example.png (101 KB)

Thanks for the update.

I wanted to ask a few more things. In spite of adding rules in the existing grammar.xml file, can i make a file wherein i can store all the rules and reference it so that my rules remain separate and if i want i can share that file as well.

In the rule that you sent to me, the error generates if one types short-cut menu. But if one writes shortcut menu than also I want the error message to be generated with context menu as the suggestion. Basically, i want to know if I can overwrite some rules as per my customization because the word shortcut is not wrong as per existing LT dictionary.

Also, at times while writing, a particular sentence might not be grammatically wrong. But, there can be many ways to write it in a better way and style. So, how can we implement this kind of functionality here in LT.

Adding rules to an external file is documented at

If both “short-cut” and “shortcut” are wrong, you could try:

<token regexp="yes">shortcut|short-cut</token>.


I want to create a rule which detects error when a person writes click on. The error message should show click as the replacement. I tried using the rule editor but then on is appearing as an every time and everywhere it is being used.

Please help!

I mean on is appearing as an error everywhere it is being used.

Have you watched the intro video? It explains the same issue with “bed English” instead of “click on”.

In case we want to overwrite some of the rules, then what’s the option. For example, tool tip is a correct word. However, as per my usage, i want users to write tooltip (without any space). What should be done in such a case.