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Difficulty in installing LT

(starter99) #1

Dear experts,

As I am new to LT, kindly allow to raise a simple question.

I have just now downloaded LT as a standalone version for use on my desktop. The PC has Windows 10 Pro OS and Java 8 is installed on it.
Unfortunately, I have no clue about how to proceed to install the LT after download. In the list of files that came with the LT download - I can’t seem to find any installer or .exe file to trigger installation.

Kindly help me with tips for this installation please.

Thanks and best regards

(Daniel Naber) #2

When Java is installed you can simply click “languagetool.jar” (single click or double click, whatever your operating system uses to start a program).

(starter99) #3

Hi dnaber,

Thanks for your help.

I tried start "languagetool.jar by both single and double click Trial, but nothing happens. There is no response from the system.

I checked again, on my PC, I have Java 8, Update 60 (build: 1.8.0_60_b27) and it was last updated today (22.20.2015). Do I have to go back to Java 7 to be able to use LT?

Your comments/recommendations would be most welcome.
Thanks and regards.

(Daniel Naber) #4

Maybe there’s a problem with your Java installation. You can try starting LT from the command line: go to the directory with the languagetool.jar file, then call “java -jar languagetool.jar”.

(starter99) #5

Hallo Mr. Naber,
Thanks for the tip. Deinstalling and reinstalling Java did the trick. Now LT is working just fine.
Thanks again for yr. help.