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Difficulty in installing LT

Dear experts,

As I am new to LT, kindly allow to raise a simple question.

I have just now downloaded LT as a standalone version for use on my desktop. The PC has Windows 10 Pro OS and Java 8 is installed on it.
Unfortunately, I have no clue about how to proceed to install the LT after download. In the list of files that came with the LT download - I can’t seem to find any installer or .exe file to trigger installation.

Kindly help me with tips for this installation please.

Thanks and best regards

When Java is installed you can simply click “languagetool.jar” (single click or double click, whatever your operating system uses to start a program).

Hi dnaber,

Thanks for your help.

I tried start "languagetool.jar by both single and double click Trial, but nothing happens. There is no response from the system.

I checked again, on my PC, I have Java 8, Update 60 (build: 1.8.0_60_b27) and it was last updated today (22.20.2015). Do I have to go back to Java 7 to be able to use LT?

Your comments/recommendations would be most welcome.
Thanks and regards.

Maybe there’s a problem with your Java installation. You can try starting LT from the command line: go to the directory with the languagetool.jar file, then call “java -jar languagetool.jar”.

Hallo Mr. Naber,
Thanks for the tip. Deinstalling and reinstalling Java did the trick. Now LT is working just fine.
Thanks again for yr. help.