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Disambiguation bug?

When I use this type of disambiguation:

  <rule id="TE_X" name="na te maar bepaalde vormen mogelijk.">
  	<disambig><match no="2" postag="BNW:VGR:ONV|BNW:STL:(ONV|VRB)|BYW:JES|WKW:(VTD|ODW):(ONV|VRB)|WKW:TGW:INF.*|ENM:LOC:.*" postag_regexp="yes" /></disambig>

I am expecting when the regexp is not matched at all, that no postag is left for the token. Instead; the regexp is added to the token as the postag? This is not intentional, is it?

Het kotm te paard.

Het[het/LDW:BEP:HET,het/VNW] kotm[kotm/null] te[te/VRZ] paard[paard/BNW:VGR:ONV|BNW:STL:(ONV|VRB)|BYW:JES|WKW:(VTD|ODW):(ONV|VRB)|WKW:TGW:INF.|ENM:LOC:.].