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Disambiguation, original tag

Some time ago, I read about getting the ‘original’ tag (before disambiguation). Has that been implemented? Can I get that original tag in grammar rules?

Background: that would make it possible to add ‘flags’ tot the postag datafile that are not postags. E.g.
to signal for a word that is commonly mistaken, but technically correct. Or a word that as a better alternative.
Those tags will be filtered out in disambiguation, but accessible in rules.


You can use <pattern raw_pos="yes"> for this.

Great, I will give it a try…

I tried this, but I could not get it working.

In disambiguation, I removed all postags having FLG:.*
In added.txt is

but the rule (last on in grammar.xml, now commented out) did not get triggered.
I must be doing something wrong, but what…

Not sure if this is the reason, but the order in added.txt is wrong. It needs to be (tab-separated): fullform baseform tags

Of course. I was so focused on my database structure, I overlooked this.

I need a bit more help.
What should I do to get ‘bachelordiploma’ as a suggestion when ‘bachelorsdiploma’ is found, searching only by postag?
bachelorsdiploma bachelordiploma FLG:TSS:LSS

Maybe this? <match postag="FLG:TSS:LSS" postag_replace="FLG:TSS:MOR"/> (not tested)

I tested everything I could think of. But it just would not work. Only thing I can think of now, is that tags added in added.txt doe not behave exactly like the tags from the compiled dictionary.

I am giving op for now, because of other things have to be done and the freeze is neigh.