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Disambiguator, remove combination of postags

I am looking for the opposite of ‘filterall’, not reducing all postags to the ones specified, but leaving all, except the ones specified.
This to remove all unlikely and impossible pattern combinations from the tokens.

So when there is only one possible token for the word, it should be kept.

Example: ‘de man loopt’ has postag combinations:
de: determinator plural, determinator singular
man: singular noun, 1st person of verb
loopt: 3d person of verb

Illogical patterns:
determinator singular, 1st person of verb
determinator plural, 1st person of verb
1st person of verb, 3d person of verb

This should leave as valid:
determintor singular, singular noun, 3d person of verb

Can this be done, and if so: how?

Do you mean all in one rule? It doesn’t seem feasible. There is no way to write multiple conditions in a single rule (e.g. determiner+verb is impossible, verb+verb is impossible…).
You need to create simple rules with action="remove" or action="filter" using these illogical patterns.

It would not be impossible to program though. It is just a matter of generating the permutations and filtering them (preferrably on the go to limit the permutations.)

I think it would be much more powerful than the current options.