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Dutch rule: detect Flemish word 'droogkuis' and suggest 'stomerij'


New here but interested in the open source concept of this language checker. I would like to propose a new rule for Dutch, in the category ‘Typisch Vlaams’ (or is it ‘Alleen bekend in België’?).

To suggest replacing the Flemish ‘droogkuis’ or ‘nieuwkuis’ with the general Dutch ‘stomerij’. Is the way I created this rule correct?

Thanks for taking it into account!

<!-- Dutch rule, 2017-10-24 -->
<rule id="ALLEEN_BEKEND_IN_BELGI" name="Alleen bekend in België">
  <token regexp='yes'>droogkuis|nieuwkuis</token> 
 <message>Standaardtaal voor dit woord is <suggestion>stomerij</suggestion>.</message>
 <example correction=''>Dat hemd moet naar de <marker>droogkuis</marker>.</example>
 <example>Dat hemd moet naar de stomerij.</example>

Maybe @Ruud_Baars can help with this.

‘kuis’ is in any meaning but ‘decent’ more belgian than Dutch; a rule like this is possible and feasible. I will try to add it.

‘kuis’ is in any meaning but ‘decent’ more belgian than Dutch; a rule like this is possible. Actually, it has been copied. I put it as a member rule in the rulegroup and it almost immediately worked; only the correction had to be added indide the emtpy ‘’.

Great contribution, feel free to add more. This rule will be live on the server tomorrow.

Hi Ruud,

Great to hear my contribution got picked up. I’ll try to send you more contributions, I really like this software,
it’s the first really useful tool I discover to detect Dutch or Flemish variants in long texts, which is really practical
for my work. Thanks for including my contribution in the set of rules!

We have only just begun to detect differences, to be able to signal people intending to write for ‘all Dutch speaking’, but nevertheless add ‘specifically northern’ or ‘specifically southern’ words or phrases.

Your suggestions are more than welcome.