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[EN] False positive: 3 nouns for "rapture means no"


I cannot reproduce the error. I used this text on
… as rapturous: No rapture means no pīti, thus,not the first…

That’s probably because the rule isn’t turned on by default. I suppose such rules aren’t to be given the same level of attention as those on by default, but can you take a look?

@Kumara, I cannot reproduce the problem with LanguageTool-20190131-snapshot:


You can see that no rules are turned off.

Are you sure that the error comes from LT? What is the rule ID?

The fact that “pïti” has no dictionary entry could be breaking the grammatical analysis of the sentence. (In OpenOffice I’ve seen LT stay quit about a grammatical issue until the only redlined word in the affected sentence was added to a user defined dictionary)

@SkyCharger001, thanks. I tried with “… as rapturous: No rapture means no test is correct.” and still I cannot reproduce the false positive.

I’m using LT for sure, version 4.4.1. Didn’t try to the 4.5 snapshot.


Btw, the message
“You used three nouns after one another…”
should be
“You used three nouns one after another…”

@Kumara, I improved the error message (