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[EN] False positive: Before/While/After setting it

Only when “it” is followed by a verb should there be a comma between “setting” and “it”. but LT insists on doing it all the time.
EG1: After setting it to game 1, level 1, he handed it over to his 4-year-old nephew to try out.
EG2: While setting it up correctly, he heard some strange noises.
EG3: Before setting it to level 9, Mark remarked that this was first attempt at that level.

Thanks for the error report! I have added an exception!

Seems that the problem is somewhat wider: “Circling” has the same problem.
“After circling it, he knew that they were dealing with a WW2-era explosive.”

perhaps the proper solution would be to make a comma following “it” override this rule.

I have added another exception to the rule. Thank you!