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[en-gb] Update British speller

Hello @Yakov

Could you update the GB dictionary for the official LT release at the end of the month?:



Where is Yakov?

Can someone update the GB Dictionary for the upcoming release?


@Yakov @udomai @Mike_Unwalla @jaumeortola


Will one of you update the GB dictionary before the official release?


Hi @marcoagpinto, sorry, I cannot help you. I do not know how to do this task.

Where is Yakov?

He is the one who has been doing it for years.

I sent him a private e-mail and no reply so far.


This is for the British spelling dictionary (not tagger dictionary). Is this (aoo-mozilla-en-dict/wordlist_marcoagpinto_20210601_255513w.txt at master · marcoagpinto/aoo-mozilla-en-dict · GitHub) the new list of words?

No, it is:

read me .txt

Only these three files.


the wordlist.txt is just for people to browse to see which words are and aren’t there.

I see. The script to do the update is this: languagetool/ at master · languagetool-org/languagetool · GitHub
I can take care of it.

Thank you, please do. :slight_smile:

I update en_GB dict:



Thank you very much!

I was so worried because of your silence.

I thought that you could have health problems or such with COVID in the wild.