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[en] ignore.txt, words in the auto-generated section

The first 20 words in Ignore.txt are auto-generated. Many of these words cause false negatives. Examples:

  • But in facto, this is not correct.
  • The word bono is not a standard English word.
  • If you se a mistake, please tell me.

Except for ‘anArtificialTestWordForLanguageTool’ and possibly ‘i’, these words are not correct or are not in the correct file. (For example, the separate words ‘de’ and ‘facto’ should be ‘de facto’ in spelling.txt.)

I would like to remove all but ‘anArtificialTestWordForLanguageTool’ and ‘i’ from the auto-generated section and add the words and phrases to spelling.txt. Before I do that, tell me if there is a reason not to remove the words.

Please wait a few days - we’re currently trying to optimize spell checking for performance and this will include reworking the spelling.txt file.

OK. Please let me know when the optimization is completed. Thanks.