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[En] object identification in a "Why did...?" question

(Lodewijk Arie van Brienen) #1

“a”/“an”/“the” + {object} + “called” + {identifier}: even with quotes to indicate that identifier is a name LT still tries to ‘correct’ it to “call”
“Why did a record called ‘Daffodil’ show a poppy?”

(Mike Unwalla) #2

Added to my list.

Aside: although I added this task and others to my list, I am very happy for another person to correct the problem.


I’m trying to change the existing rule but it’s pretty difficult for a text checker unless it has some natural intelligence to recognise our intention.
The sentence can also be:
“The recorded call aroused anxiety among the parliamentarians.”

Again, according to our part-of-Speech tags, the word ‘record’ is ‘JJ’ in one case, ‘NN:UN’ in another. ‘Call’ is ‘JJ’, in one situation, ‘NN:UN’, ‘VBD’, ‘VBN’ in other situations.

(Lodewijk Arie van Brienen) #4

I’ve just thought of a possible workaround: Could LT be made to treat hard-spaced strings of words as singular entities (this is already the purpose of the hard-space when it comes to line-wrapping, and thus should be a natural extension of it)

(Mike Unwalla) #5

Fixed (