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[en] Possible false positive - 2020-02-12

Hello @Mike_Unwalla

The following sentences:
In the Summer of 2007 I updated my dictionary collection.
In July 2007 I updated my dictionary collection.

In the second one the browser add-on suggests a comma after “2007”, but the same doesn’t happen with the first sentence.

Is it correct?


Hi @marcoagpinto, it’s not a false positive. I think that there should be a message for the first sentence. @tiff is probably the best person to help you because I think he has made some rules for commas after introductory phrases.

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I’ll check if we can easily catch the issue for the first sentence also


What about the Java rules for:

Can you fix it?


I don’t know what you mean


The browser add-on flags dates in the format:

“On 1.Apr.2020 I went to school.”
“On 27.Jan.1974 I was born”

@Mike_Unwalla says it is the Java space rule that triggers it, but he doesn’t know Java, nor do I.

Are those really valid dates? I couldn’t find a resource for this.

I am not sure… I have been using that format for decades.