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[English]Integration of various dictionaries

Hello there, I have been looking into the language tool for sometime to help us (a small team of freelancing copyeditors) with certain basic editing tasks, we would like to be a part of this online community to further enhance the system for various editing tasks with our inputs and experience of copyediting

For starters I had some questions and a clarity on these issues would be of great help.

  1. One thing that I would like to know is which dictionaries are integrated into the system for spellcheck. As we could not find that information in the grammar.xml or the other community pages?
  2. Are the dictionaries separate for US English and UK English?
  3. Is there a possibility to integrate scientific dictionaries such as Index Medicus?

We mostly use the same hunspell dictionaries that are also used in LibreOffice. Details are documented right next to the files, e.g. here for English.


No. We have a spelling.txt files that can be used to add single words, but adding complete dictionaries isn’t possible. Generally, LT has its focus on style and grammar checking, i.e. features that go beyond a spell checker.

Thanks a lot @dnaber. That is very helpful, we have a few more queries and shall be getting back o you on the forums shortly.