Error in Api LanguageTool: partial words or large sections underlined when writing in Spanish

Marks too many misspellings in correct words, and usually marks the first syllables of correctly spelled words as misspelled.
I contacted LanguageTool support and they answer me (I quote):
«The integration in LibreOffice was created by members of our open-source community or LibreOffice itself. We only provide the API key to use the premium features.
So if there is a specific problem in the integration, please contact our community forum directly to reach the developer:
Unfortunately, we can’t offer you support for this.»
(Attached capture of the mail)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Write some words in Writer.
  2. Many parts of well-spelled words will be marked as a misspelling.
  3. Clicking to show corrections or pressing F7 to call the correction will result in no errors.

The problem is that from what I understand, there is a limit of words to correct and if you add up a lot of errors, the words that are indeed an error might not be marked.

Actual Results:
Syllables of correctly spelled words are marked as misspelled

Expected Results:
Only misspelled words are underlined as a mistake.

Thanks for the report. Could you share a document to reproduce the issue?

As a new member I cant.
But you can see in DocumetnFocundation: