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Export Database with morphologic Information


i would like to export to a txt file the german dictionary with morphologic information
i am using Windows 10
So i hope someone has got a tip for me!

Andreas from Vienna, Austria

(Daniel Naber) #2

There’s documentation for this at, it should still be up-to-date (for Linux, but should work on Windows in a similar way).


i know the website
but it is a Linux script …
i can not execute on windows

(Daniel Naber) #4

Please have a look inside the script - it does nothing more than call a single Java command, which will also work under Windows.


Hi thanks!
That did it!
Rename to export.bat

java -cp C:/PathTo/languagetool.jar -i C:/PathTo/german.dict -info C:/PathTo/ -o dictonary dump
Did it!