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Extension won't install in Kubuntu 11.10

I still get the long error message with “NoClassDefFoundError” during installation on Kubuntu, as mentioned in Common Problems.

I have installed, and confirmed the installation of libreoffice-java-common.

I have tried installing from within Libreoffice. I have downloaded the .oxt file and tried to load that in Libreoffice. Always the same error message.

Any further suggestions?

Libreoffice 3.4.4
Kubuntu 11.10, the Oneiric Ocelot
KDE 4.7

My only idea is that you maybe didn’t leave LibreOffice after the installation of libreoffice-java-common? (including the quick starter, if that still exists, not sure)

I’ve never seen the Quick Launcher in Kubuntu, so I don’t know where it is, if it exists. But in any case, I did leave LibreOffice, and then, for good measure, rebooted the whole computer. I also checked that the Libre-Office reference to java was correct.

I did have a previous version of Language Tools installed. Could that have any effect? I assume it was overwritten.

I can’t see anything further to do. Maybe when the new Kubuntu distribution comes out next month it will work?