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False alarms reported on web - where I can find the full list? And how to report missing rules?

(Konstantin Ladutenko) #1

It looks like a convenient feature to report false alarms via menu item on web. It is much more handy compared to filling an issue at github or at forum. However, where I can find them?

Another point is that some errors are missed by LT. I can probably be convenient to report missed errors via web too. I have a massive list of missed errors from my Ph.D. thesis, I was just going to submit them all via github. However, may be there is a better option to do this…

(Daniel Naber) #2

This is logged to a database that’s not public. I can send you an export if you want. However, users are often not very good at deciding whether something is a false alarm, i.e. the data must be checked carefully.

(Konstantin Ladutenko) #3

So… The best way to report is GitHub? Otherwise it will not reach rule developers…

(Daniel Naber) #4

I think so, yes.

(Michael) #5

Is it possible to make this data public. Or at least semi-public for contributors?

(Daniel Naber) #6

I assume you’re interested in the false alarm with their sentence, aren’t you? I could publish statistics about rules affected by false alarms, but when it comes to the sentences: They might contain personal data, so I can only give them to core contributors and I’d need a written confirmation that you don’t pass the data to others. This is required as the GDPR is very strict when it comes to handling data.

(Konstantin Ladutenko) #7

Such kind of statistics can be rather useful for developers!

Another option - add a menu item “Report directly at GitHub” linking to (may be prefilling it with some text for subject and body), I hope that GitHub has such an option for address url.