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False alarms reported on web - where I can find the full list? And how to report missing rules?

It looks like a convenient feature to report false alarms via menu item on web. It is much more handy compared to filling an issue at github or at forum. However, where I can find them?

Another point is that some errors are missed by LT. I can probably be convenient to report missed errors via web too. I have a massive list of missed errors from my Ph.D. thesis, I was just going to submit them all via github. However, may be there is a better option to do this…

This is logged to a database that’s not public. I can send you an export if you want. However, users are often not very good at deciding whether something is a false alarm, i.e. the data must be checked carefully.

So… The best way to report is GitHub? Otherwise it will not reach rule developers…

I think so, yes.

Is it possible to make this data public. Or at least semi-public for contributors?

I assume you’re interested in the false alarm with their sentence, aren’t you? I could publish statistics about rules affected by false alarms, but when it comes to the sentences: They might contain personal data, so I can only give them to core contributors and I’d need a written confirmation that you don’t pass the data to others. This is required as the GDPR is very strict when it comes to handling data.

Such kind of statistics can be rather useful for developers!

Another option - add a menu item “Report directly at GitHub” linking to (may be prefilling it with some text for subject and body), I hope that GitHub has such an option for address url.