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False positive: Grammar error in song name

In one of the stories I’m writing there are a few moments where songs are named.
But no matter how I ‘encapsulate’ it, LT refuses to treat ‘Ping Pong’ in ‘Ping Pong Peggy’ as anything other than a word that needs a hyphen. (and most sites indicate ‘Ping-Pong’ as an alternate, not a primary, spelling, which makes the hyphen even less logical)

At the very least LT should be able to ignore grammar errors in text segments that are designated as having No-Language

Here are some ideas for methods to decrease the number of false alarms in ENGLISH_WORD_REPEAT_RULE:

If a pair of words is in quotes (single or double), ignore the words. A writer is not likely to put 2 words into quotes and spell them the same and intend to put only 1 word into quotes.
Example: … crowns and an orange base of bill. Its call is a ‘‘mjerp mjerp’’.

If two words are both capitalized, assume that they are a proper noun or part of a proper noun.
Example: Bye Bye Blackbird was published in 1926 (
Counter-example: The The Problems of Analysis

If two non-English words (postag=UNKNOWN] are capitalized, assume that they are a proper noun, or part of a proper noun.
Example: Former Samoan international Ngapaku Ngapaku (known as Pux) was coach.

Genera are frequently correctly duplicated. Possibly, get a list of genera, which can be used to prevent false warnings with both ENGLISH_WORD_REPEAT_RULE and the spelling rule.
: [[White stork]] ‘’(national bird)’’||’‘Ciconia ciconia’’

that that [simple exception: verb + that + that + modal verb]
…, and I know that that’s not really my heart.
If I think that that’ll be a problem, I will tell you.
If I think that that will be a problem, I will tell you.
He knew that that would be a problem.

ENGLISH_WORD_REPEAT_RULE is a Java rule, so I don’t feel confident to change it.

How does word-repeat relate to the hyphenation-rule that is misfiring?

It doesn’t. I wasn’t thinking clearly when I wrote my reply. (I had some notes about a related problem, and copied/pasted without thinking.)

But, the cause of the problem with the hyphenation rule is the same as the cause of the problem with the word repeat rule. LT should not give a warning for a multi-word proper noun. The parts in my reply that are about the identification of proper nouns are applicable to the hyphenation rule.

Sorry for the confusion… it’s been a hard day.

I’ve been there myself after many an all-nighter.