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Feature request: Autocorrect option

I’d love to have an autocorrect option, where LanguageTool automatically accepts each of its top suggestions as I type.

My typical use case: typing in messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp browser version) in French, where I don’t have access to a French keyboard. I then type all my text without accents, and use LanguageTool to add in the accents. This usually means corrections on 80% of all words, and going through them one by one gets time-consuming. It would be more efficient to apply autocorrect and then fix manually anything that LanguageTool got “wrong”. Even better would be if LanguageTool highlighted the autocorrected words (e.g. pink background), so it would be easy to spot all corrections at a glance.

Hi @rdsignr! Thank you for your feedback!

I’ll make sure that your ideas, especially the one with the marked autocorrections, are transmitted to the UI team :nerd_face:

Hi @udomai ! Thanks, that’s wonderful. :smiley: