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Feedback wanted about browser add-on

We sometimes get feedback from users who complain that the browser add-on (Firefox, Chrome) uses too much RAM or CPU. Can anybody here confirm this? I don’t have these problems, so it’s hard to tell whether the users are right.

Sometimes Firefox consumes too much memory. But the LanguageTool browser add-on does not increase the consumption of memory by the Firefox browser.

While LT may not be responsible on its own, there is always a possibility that it triggers a dormant issue in another add-on.

A few years ago, we had both a link-preview add-on and a link-checker add-on at work. If even one of them had properly encapsulated their interfaces then we wouldn’t have had to deal with FF crashing once per 15-to-34 minutes due to the checker triggering the previewer and the previewer triggering the checker.