First step towards multi-lingual LT

LanguageTool has always supported several languages, but it doesn’t have real support for mixing languages in a document. As a first step to improve that, I have now activated the “alternative languages” parameter for LT’s API. It is implemented on like this: if you check a non-English text, but your browser accepts English (see below), English words in your text will not directly be considered an error, but they will be marked with blue:

This is only a first step, although I cannot make any promises about the next steps towards supporting multi-lingual documents.

To see whether your browser accepts English, visit its configuration dialog.



I set FF to support English too. But it does not seem to work for Dutch.

There’s indeed some issue with Dutch (or maybe anthing not German), I’ll have a look. Thanks for reporting this.

On this phone, I can not find the setting for languages… Might be pc only.

Now it should work for Dutch (and other languages), too: