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[Google Docs] Cannot conect to the server

I can’t check my text in Google Docs using LT.

I’m getting error:

Error: Cannot conect to the server

Might be a temporary problem, please try again.

Also getting Error: Cannot conect to the server

Just joined and confirmed

This is also affecting me.

I wonder whether this is really the same error - could you attach a screenshot of the error? Also, which version is shown in the options dialog?

Version 2019-06-14

Thanks. What happens when you open with your browser?

I get this message:

Error: This is the LanguageTool API. You have not specified any parameters. Please see

I have no idea how this is possible, but I have released a new version with a more detailed error message which should be online in less than 24 hours or so. One more question: are you a private user of Google Docs or do you use it via some university or company account?

Hello, I am a private user. Thanks for looking into it.

Seems to be working nicely now.

Still not working for me.

Please make sure the API server in the settings is (note the slash at the end).

Thanks. It works now.

Same thing happening with my video calling application, just after the update I am noticing that my Skype Mic Not Working at all and I want this to fix so please help me to fix the problem so that I can work with it.

What is your video calling application? Are you sure your issue is related to LanguageTool?