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Grammar Issue: You "is" a good engineer


Hi I was trying to check general grammar. But the site is not returning proper suggestions…

The text I tried:

“You is a good engineer”

The suggestions by site: use “be”…

(Mike Unwalla) #2

Thanks for the report. I have added the problem to my TODO list, but don’t expect a quick fix. (I spent a couple of hours trying to correct the error.)

(Note to self.) In the stand-alone version of LT, you can see three messages for the text. The messages come from these related rules or rulegroups:
rulegroup NON3PRS_VERB

(Dustin DeTorres) #3

Is there any way to improve the performance on the Firefox?

(Lodewijk Arie van Brienen) #4

nitpick: Back during school I had an Asian classmate by the name of ‘You’. Fortunately she didn’t mind the ‘Ouw Lhong is a Chinese’ jokes.

(Knorr) #5

Hi, @KushalSeth!
Thank you for your error reported! I think I have just fixed the reported error - the change should be effective tomorrow.

@Mike_Unwalla : If you can confirm the fix, you can remove this problem from your TODO list.

Happy Easter!


thanks @Mike_Unwalla and @Knorr

(Mike Unwalla) #7