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[GSoC reports] spellchecker, server-side framework and build tool tasks

(Oleg) #41

Edited the post and added missing evaluation.

(Daniel Naber) #42

Thanks, is the code available to re-run the evaluation? What are your future plans, is there a chance you’re going to work on the remaining issues linked above?

(Oleg) #43

GSoC 2018 Work Summary

What was done

During this Summer of Code I worked on several tasks.
First, the improvment of spellchecker suggestions sorting using machine learning approach included the following submissions in the languagetool repository on GitHub:

Code for the model learning part is in this repo.
The ordering of suggestions is now done with the predictions of the trained model (xgboost was used), the quality of the resulting sorting was improved.

Second, switching to the modern server-side framework:

Third, migration from Maven to Gradle:

Other submissions:

Future works

I’ m willing to continue contributing to languagetool outside GSoC, in particular I plan to do the following within my project:

  • further improve the ml model quality (parameter tuning, feature engineering, adding new features)
  • finish transition to Gradle
  • finish transition to Spring
  • adress all suggested corrections and get open PRs merged.

(Daniel Naber) #44

Oleg, thanks for taking part in GSoC! We’re looking forward to your future contributions.

(Daniel Naber) #45

@oserikov Can you already estimate when you might be able to work on these issues?