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Help with POS tagging

I am having trouble with POS tags in languagetool/languagetool-language-modules/lv at latvian · aidan-plenert-macdonald/languagetool · GitHub

When I try a rule like,

					<token postag="P....." postag_regexp="yes" />
			<message>Genitive after prepositions (fake rule)</message>
			<suggestion>\1 drauga</suggestion>
			<example correction="pie drauga">
				<marker>pie draugs</marker>

The tests fail to pick up the rule and complain that no incorrect examples were found.

In my latvian.dump file I have

ar      ar      P00000
pie     pie     P00000

I build the binary dict with

java -cp ./languagetool-standalone/target/LanguageTool-5.5-SNAPSHOT/LanguageTool-5.5-SNAPSHOT/languagetool.jar \ -i ./latvian.dump \
    -info languagetool-language-modules/lv/src/main/resources/org/languagetool/resource/lv/ \
    -o languagetool-language-modules/lv/src/main/resources/org/languagetool/resource/lv/latvian.dict

What’s wrong?

It seems your file doesn’t implement getTagger() yet?