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How to add பெயர்ச்சொற்கள் மற்றும் வினைச்சொற்கள் and Where, which file

Can you tell me

How to add

in tamil language

I want to know the process of language tool for tamil language. I want to improve tamil dictionary, grammar style and also sandhi pizhi.

For dictionary it is asking “add to dict”. in spelling and grammar checking

It is asking all the words for some rule. We have to update some Noun, verb where to update and which file

Can you explain ellaborate

Have you checked

Thanks for your reply. Now only I am checking on it. Sorry for the inconvience

what is உள்ளவரை in tamil language
What is NNSA-S, etc. Please anybody can explain it

and க[ா-ௌ]?(([க-ஹ][ா-்]?)*)? this also