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How to eliminate compounds in the suggestions


I get too many suggestions for a French agreement rule. For a sentence like “3 mètre” (should be “3 mètres”) i get all possibles compounds like “centimètres”, “examètres”, “pétamètres” …

Is there an attribute that can desactivate compounds in the suggestions?

Thank you in advance.


Could you post a complete example sentence? Just for “3 mètre” I don’t get any suggestions at all at

I added suggestion in the rule as follows:

<message>« \1 » et « \2 » ne semblent pas bien accordés en nombre. Vous voulez dire : <suggestion>\1 <match no=“2” postag="([JN] .) s" postag_regexp=“yes” postag_replace="$1 p"/></suggestion> ?</message>

The sentence that I test is: Chute d’une hauteur de 3 mètre.

I think the internal dictionary is buggy here, it contains entries like this:

nanomètre|mètre|N m s
nanomètres|mètre|N m p
petamètre|mètre|N m s
petamètres|mètre|N m p
picomètre|mètre|N m s

i.e. petamètres has a base form mètre, which doesn’t seem right? You could open an issue for this at

oh, ok, this explains all.
Thank you very much (sorry, i didn’t think of checking the dictionnary).

I am not sure this is an issue in general… But in case of the agreement it is disturbing.

Thank you!