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How to make LT popup on errors

Hi LT-Team,

i´d like to connect LT to our business software. If a user is making an error a window/message should popup.

My idea is:
java -jar c:\LanguageTool-2.6\LanguageTool-commandline.jar -l de-de c:\test.txt >C:\results.txt

if the results.txt has more than 3 lines, then there is an information the user should read (if it doesn´t have more than 3 lines, then nothing should happen).

And now i´d like to start the GUI with the text in c:\test.txt.

Is that possible?

Thank you for your support in advance :slight_smile:

Sorry, the GUI cannot be started with a text yet.

Hi Daniel,

is that planned for the future? Or is there any other way to use LT in a

Thanx J

Von: dnaber [via LanguageTool User Forum]
Gesendet: Freitag, 12. September 2014 09:10
An: hansger
Betreff: Re: How to make LT popup on errors

Sorry, the GUI cannot be started with a text yet.

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