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How to set rule priority?

If I try to set style rules for product names, I find the product names always registering as misspellings. If I try to turn that off I turn off all spelling checks. What I want is to first see if the text falls under an abbreviation rule / in house writing style rule and only as a last resort check if it triggers a spelling rule.

There’s no concept of rule priority, but you can add the product names to one of the files that extend the spelling dictionary:

Thanks I will give it a try, I didn’t think of putting my product name changes and abbreviations in with the spelling.

A second problem was that the contextual menu was only showing the misspelling and not my custom rule for the name clarification. The custom rule did show at the bottom of the list of rules but never in the contextual list.

The context menu will only display one rule and it’s basically random which one. So removing the false alarms to make the useful errors appear is the only approach.