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Identifying plural words using Java LT


I’m using languagetool version 4.1 in my project. I need to identify plural words from the user inputted strings. Below are few examples:

  • If the input is ‘Score’, then I want output as non-plural or some indication which helps me decide the plurals. For input as ‘Scores’, the output should be plural.
  • Similarly ‘ProductScore’ is singular whereas ‘ProductScores’ is plural.

So far I tried using Chunktags and POStags, but unable to achieve the desired result. Thanks for the help!!!


(Daniel Naber) #2

You can use to check LT’s analysis. Score has several tags, also NN and NNS. NNS does indeed seem wrong to me.


Thanks Daniel. But, this seems weird to me. Terms ‘Score’ and ‘Scores’ have NNS as one of its Tags. POS for these terms are B-NP-Plural and E-NP-Plural. Similarly, tags and POS for ‘ProductScore’ and ‘ProductScores’ indicate both as Singular whereas ‘ProductScores’ should be plural.

(Mike Unwalla) #4

‘Score’ is plural when it has the sense of ‘20 things’ (