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Integration of LT dictionaries in LO/OO extension

I would like to integrate the LT dictionaries in the LO/OO extension. This will grow up the OXT file from nearly 180 MB to a little more than 220 MB.
By now this wasn’t done because LO/OO has integrated its own spell checker.
The benefit will be, that the spelling LT filter for generating suggestions will also work inside the extension. Furthermore, the LT check dialog could use the LT spell checker, which will speed up the checking a lot. The interface for the LO/OO internal spell checker is a real performance killer.
Does anyone see a problem with growing up the OXT file by around 40 MB?

I don’t see an issue with that. Will the typical use case then be to use only LT for spelling and the OO/LO speller won’t run at all? Will that work when users have added words to their OO/LO dictionary?

No, LO/OO speller will run to mark the spelling errors. The LT speller is only used for filters and for the LT check dialog. The LO/OO dictionaries will be considered by a second check with the LO/OO speller only for misspelled words (inside the dialog). The added LT spelling words (spelling.txt) are considered by adding them as temporary dictionaries to LO/OO. One problem seems to be that some words, especially acronyms, are known by LT speller but not by LO/OO. Are there special files where they are stored.