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Integration on website

I am trying to integrate LT on my website. How exactly I need to adapt languagetool_rpc_url, what the line should be?? I have proxy.php saved on: mywebsite/wp-content/tools/lt/proxy.php and LT form showing on

Also, the actual version of proxy.php gives error:

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘finally’ (T_STRING), expecting catch (T_CATCH) in /home/vitaljik/public_html/proxy.php on line 43

If you get a syntax error, it means your PHP version isn’t recent enough. But you can probably just an older version of the proxy.php file, it should also work:

languagetool_rpc_url needs to point to the URL of that proxy.php file.

Thank you for your fast answer! Correct pointing is: “proxy.php?url=” or “” ?


languagetool_rpc_url: "",

Lovely, thank you very much. All works now, I also switched to php 5.5 and latest proxy.php. Cheers