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I have voluntarily translated Open Source programs into Kurdish for many years. Now I’m actively translating “Firefox Android”. I am honored to work for the outstanding LanguageTool.

I would like to add Kurdish Kurmanji to Languagetool. I have already created a fork on GitHub (
I would like to learn how to add rules and how to translate UI and the website.

Thank you very much in advance.

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we possibly need somebody to figure out grammar rules fot Kurdish

I am looking to other languages on LanguageTool and trying to learn how to do it.
If you could add Kurdish to the Rule Editor and/or the list of languages and let the website to be translated into Kurdish, i could find someone to support us.
Maybe we can add Hunspell Kurdish files, too.

I have time to spend on LanguageTool. Just i need some help :slight_smile: