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Language-specific LanguageTool logos

I am working on language support packages for the LanguageTool for Visual Studio Code so that it can support languages beyond English. I would like to give each them distinct icons when displayed on the market place and to include the LanguageTool logo for ease of recognition.

I am not a designer (shout if you want to help :slight_smile:) but came up with a couple rough designs that I think could work:

Design 1

Design 2

Could either these designs be implemented and be an acceptable use of the LanguageTool logo? Personally, I think I prefer the first design, but also welcome feedback and opinions on the designs themselves.

I’m fine with that. I also like the first design better.

do the packs contain all supported dialects of a language or do each of those have their own pack?
(EG: en_US vs. en_GB)
If the latter then how will you differentiate between them?

The are built around each language .jar, so all dialects will be supported and I don’t have to worry about that. “language-de-DE-x-simple-language” has been a little bit of a puzzle though, near as I can tell Leichte Sprache and Simple German are the appropriate names.

If the general LanguageTool project ever has need for them, the created logos can be found in the vscode-languagetool-languages repository on GitHub.