Language Tool with Texstudio on Windows

I installed LT to work with my Texstudio. I did all the setting as follows:
Sever URL: http://localhost:8081/
LT Path: D:/Downloads/LanguageTool-2.4.1/languagetool.jar
java: C:/Program Files (x86)/Java/jre7/bin/java.exe
I aslo checked the “Run a a server on port” : 8081
But when I type an incorrect sentence in grammar, no underline appears. I tried it with three different PCs which run windows 8.1, window 8 and window 7 all 64 bits.
Also when I go to http://localhost:8081/?language=en&text=my+text link, I get this meaasge:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<matches software="LanguageTool" version="2.4.1" buildDate="2014-01-08 15:04">
<language shortname="en" name="English"/>
<error fromy="0" fromx="0" toy="0" tox="2" ruleId="UPPERCASE_SENTENCE_START" msg="This sentence does not start with an uppercase letter" replacements="My" context="my text" contextoffset="0" offset="0" errorlength="2" category="Capitalization" locqualityissuetype="typographical"/>

I look forward for hearing from you.
Thank you.

Everything looks okay from the LT side. I suggest you ask for help in the Texstudio forum or submit a bug report there.