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Libre Office extension issues and a suggestion

(Bruno de Souza Lino) #1

I'm having some issues with the Libre Office extension:

  • The window size seems to be dictated by how many characters the text line being checked has, which renders you unable to read what the error is, since the text is cut short.
  • "n successive sentences begin with the same word". What are those sentences? It doesn't show them. What am I supposed to correct if I'm not given enough information to begin with?
  • Things like replacing regular dashes for m-dashes, quotes for smart quotes and so on should have an extra option that offers to fix all occurrences of said errors at once.

EDIT- After using the tool a bit more:

  • The checker seems so bent on fixing quotes, spacing, dashes and things alike that it skipped several errors that I'm now only seeing after running the checker on the same text again.
  • The checker also showed errors on things that I fixed that it considered a valid correction before.
  • Even if the checker goes to quotes, spacing, dashes and such like a moth to a flame, it also missed several occurrences of these as well.

As per suggestions:

  • Instead of relying on in the standard spell checker interface from Libre Office, maybe something akin to a diffing tool could be used? Something that displays your entire text on one side with the errors highlighted as you go through them. That would make life easier, especially if you have to rewrite while you check, since that would give you context for the entire text, instead of just what's wrong.

(Ruud Baars) #2

Which language are you using it for?

(Bruno de Souza Lino) #3

@Ruud_Baars English. I'll use it for Portuguese at a later point, but I'm still testing it to see how it goes.

(Tiago F. Santos) #4

You have that information before pressing F7.

So... it should be more like a moth to a light source our less?

Rules verify one error at a time. If there is more than one error in one word, we can only caution the user to be more careful.

We are lacking able handed people willing to work for free. Fell free to send pull requests.


(Bruno de Souza Lino) #5

What? You do realize that I'm talking about the Extension and not the program, right? Where is that information? AFAIK, the text doesn't scroll to where it's looking at while doing its work. I hope you're not telling me I have to manually scroll through an 80-page piece of text in search of blue squiggly lines.