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Local personal grammar rules

At my local machine I did a small implementation to give a user of LO the chance to add an own grammar.xml file to LT checking. It could be used for a fast check of new developed rules (by a simple restart of LO) or to run own rules, that are not interesting for all users of LT.
@dnaber I’m not sure if anyone else is interested in this feature. So, I think we should discuss if it should be implemented or not.
The idea is to give a full path of a grammar file to userConfig. If this path is not null, the file is added to the pattern rule files.
LO extension looks for a file shortLanguageCode/grammar.xml in the configuration directory (e.g. for linux: ~/.conf/LanguageTool/LibreOffice/de/grammar.xml). If the file exists, the full path of the file is added to the userConfig and the rules inside are added to the LT check.

I’m not so sure whether we should add these very specific features… The latest LO/OO add-ins required quite some bug fixes releases to get them stable, I’d suggest stability should be more important now. Also, we have the online editor which can be used for rule development, the result can then be copied to the existing grammar.xml.