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Looking for a developer

Dear community,

we have implemented LanguageTool 4.7 and we would like to add more specific rules. For this task we are looking for an external developer that is already accustomed to rules implementation and testing.

We will provide the rules and right and wrong sentences and also corpora on which the rules need testing.

Are you interested, please contact me in a PM.

Kind regards

As long as xml rules are possible, I am willing to help. What language(s)?

Dear Ruud, thanks for your reply!

We have a set of German and English rules and we will later on implement Italian and Japanese rules as well. We do have language experts in our company that can help adjust the rules from a linguistic perspective, but they have no clue about handling the Language Tool xml rule-editor.

How can I contact you for a quote on a test project?

Kind regards

You can contact me at info at

By the way, if one of you that already is familiar with the technicalities of German and English (chunking, postags etc.) , feel free to offer this help. You are probable the better help.