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LT bugs cont

This is a heads-up that reverting the fix for the “You cannot use ‘enabledOnly’” error using a local sever with commit 335158d brought the error message back:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: You cannot use 'enabledOnly' when you haven't set rule ids to be enabled
	at org.languagetool.openoffice.LORemoteLanguageTool.check(
	at org.languagetool.openoffice.SwJLanguageTool.check(
	at org.languagetool.openoffice.SingleDocument.checkParaRules(
	at org.languagetool.openoffice.SingleDocument.checkTextRules(
	at org.languagetool.openoffice.SingleDocument.getCheckResults(
	at org.languagetool.openoffice.MultiDocumentsHandler.getCheckResults(
	at org.languagetool.openoffice.Main.doProofreading(


Thanks, I have re-applied that change (but probably too late for tonight’s snapshot).

Thanks! I can confirm the error is no more present since 2020-04-01.