LT crashes on LibreOffice


I am getting this error with the most recent LibreOffice (downloaded today from the FTP) and with the LT nightly from last night:

Could someone take a look?


Do you know when this occurred the first time? I don’t remember any change which could cause this…

I believe I spent several days without installing nightlies.

Then, today I installed the latest nightly and moments ago installed LO

The pop-up window complains about “BritishSpellerRule blah blah” among other things.

Yakov yesterday committed an update for the GB speller and maybe something went wrong?


Very strange… I rebooted the computer and I opened the same document on LO and it no longer crashed…

I don’t know what to say.


Tools > LanguageTool > About/Options

Doesn’t do anything.

ohhhh… it crashed!

The About/Options were appearing hidden (background) by LO’s main window and so was the crash pop-up window.

Only now I noticed this bigger crash window behind the smaller ones:


Does this help?

Is it an issue with the British language and with other things?

Yes, I will take care of it soon.

en-US-GB.txt not found in oxt.

Should be fixed in the next release (move en-US-GB.txt outside of "hunspell" directory as that is not incl… · languagetool-org/languagetool@d8ba19b · GitHub).